Sunday, 29 April 2007

Musical Gay Icons

These are my current gay music icons (no particular order). I'm not having any of the Christina Aguleira crap. I know she had that one video with some man on man action but seriously choose some proper gay musicians. We seem to have returned to the 70s "ooh its really cool to be gay, lets be gay (or at least pretend to be on stage)" so there are hundreds of the them crawling about.

1. Beth Ditto (of the gossip or gossip I'm never quite sure) (pretty damn gay and a fat lesbian who is going out with a transgendered man and likes to flaunt on stage in swimming costumes which makes her even cooler)
2. Rufus Wainwright (hes really very gay, he did sing about being baptized in cum)
3. Patrick Wolf (i know hes only implied hes bisexual but I don't really care)
4. 1990s (One of them is gay apparantly or somehting according to atitude. Also included to illustrate fallacy of labels plus i really like super-legal that b-side with lovefoxx from css)
5. Paparazzi Whore (I only really like that song "i'll be your boyfreind" the lead singer is still pretty damn cool)
6. Jake shears ( i keep changing my mind as to whether i actually like the scissor sisters but i do at the moment and jake shears and ana matronic[drag queen stuck trapped in a womans body] are both pretty cool.

Can i also say that in the current wave of its cool to be lgbtq. Women who do it, seem to be pillored in some of the gay press for just implying a bit of sapphic action to get the straight boys excited. If they are just pretending thats a bit sad but otherwise I don't really care, just go for it girls.

I don't really think this post had much of a point, read in it what you will, it is simply my 6 top gay icons as defined by me at 6 am this morning using my current deffinetion of what i think gay music even is and then i rambled on a bit.


bipolar-carebear said...

Yep, still haven't really worked out how to do links properly on this mac, the ctrl button doesn't really do the same things. Please let me know if anyone knows.

bipolar-carebear said...

Apparantly safari was my probem not the mac.

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